Human resources

SAGE Insurance and group retirement our clients top-of-the-line advisory services tailored specifically to their human resources (HR) management needs.

For us, a company’s success is built first and foremost through sound management of its human capital.

Let our team advise you FREE OF CHARGE in the following areas of expertise:

  • Absenteeism and disability
  • Discipline and termination of employment
  • Employer rights and obligations
  • Pay equity
  • Other HR-related topics

Additional “à la carte” HR services are available at competitive rates:

  • Pay equity exercise and audit
  • Management practices and tools
  • Salaried compensation
  • Hiring process
  • Staff training
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Performance evaluation for your events
  • Training workshop
  • Drafting of letters and policy guidelines
  • Manager coaching

Consult our team for their guidance and support on your human resources needs and concerns. You may even qualify for funding on certain projects.

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