SAGE Insurance and group retirement

SAGE Insurance and group retirement is a financial services firm specializing in group insurance and retirement programs offering a full suite of employee benefits to its clients.

Our company is dedicated to innovating and staying on top of important new trends, while maintaining a strong commitment to delivering high-quality professional service.

In addition to its expertise in group insurance and pension plans, SAGE offers financial planning, human resources and actuarial advisory services.

So be wise and make a SAGE decision. Contact us today to find out more about our offering of market-leading services!


At SAGE Insurance and group retirement, our mission is to maximize our clients’ financial success through financial solutions supported by innovative methods and technologies. We are a financial services firm recognized in Quebec for our values and ethics.


  • Reliability: Respect all our clients without creating unrealistic expectations
  • Integrity: Place our clients’ interest ahead of our own
  • User-friendliness: Use clear, concise and unambiguous language
  • Uniqueness: Maintain a unique relationship with each and every one of our clients
  • Ownership: Take responsibility for our actions and be proactive
  • Innovation: Constantly seek out better processes for growth and development