Group insurance

Get the most competitive group insurance plan on the market with our innovative service offering powered by leading-edge technology.

Why do business with a group insurance broker who gives you little value for your money when SAGE delivers advisory services second to none plus a multitude of value-added benefits, all at a lower cost?

Our innovations in group insurance have enabled our firm to grow substantially in recent years and we are proud to serve numerous companies across Quebec and the rest of Canada.



  • Access to the products and services of carriers across the insurance industry
  • Comprehensive analysis of the financial component of your group insurance plan
  • Advisory services and administration of multiple employer plans
  • Cost containment approach
  • Preparation of calls for proposals and specifications
  • Creation of flexible/modular plans
  • Analysis of quarterly claims reports and pharmacological analyses
  • Employee communication (information/awareness session)
  • Actuarial services
  • Self-insurance: relevance and feasibility study
  • Advisory services and administration of multiple employer plans
  • Relevance and feasability study for self-insurance


  • Private medicine – New services offered
  • Human resources support at no charge
  • $5,000 critical illness coverage provided to plan members free of charge
  • Travel insurance (superior coverage)Medical coverage: $5,000,000 | Trip cancellation/interruption: $5,000 / Lost baggage: $1,000 | Length of stay: 180 days
  • Optimized program – Multi-carrier plan
  • No-charge liability insurance for employee benefit administrators
  • 3 vaccines eligible for payment Prevnar 13 | Gardasil | Zostavax
  • Testmétrix: Disability management and mental health analysis
  • Premier Pas: Employee assistance program and quarterly health newsletter


By doing business with our organization, you will enjoy the support of a team of professionals and get all the information you need for the sound management of your group insurance plan.

You will be able to rely on our team’s support to quickly obtain the answers to your questions and avoid protracted calls to insurance companies. We will be the “one-stop” solution for managing and administering your group insurance plan.

Our team will assist you in the following situations:

  • Questions, issues and concerns relating to your group plan benefits
  • Tax aspects of your policy
  • Support in disputes with an insurance company
  • Disability management
  • Payroll deductions and taxable benefits
  • Tax reports (annual health costs, cumulative taxable benefits)


We provide our clients with a universal technology platform that will put you in touch with insurance carriers. You’ll no longer need to combine an insurer’s management system and independent calculator to obtain the amount you are required to withhold from your employees’ pay.

Our clients use just one transactional system for all the changes they need to make from time to time to their group insurance plan and for obtaining, via a single location, all the financial information needed for payroll deductions.

With this cutting-edge platform, you will substantially reduce the time you spend on managing your employee benefits, plus you will have access to a multitude of tax reports and information, such as:

  • Cost simulations for a new employee
  • Payroll deductions and taxable benefits
  • Calculation of annual health/dental costs
  • Cumulated taxable benefits

Changing insurers as simple as one, two, three

We know that changing insurers often rhymes with headaches. That’s why we’ve optimized the process so that your apprehensions are no longer a deterrent to changing carriers. All of the information stored in our technology platform is transmitted electronically to the new supplier at the time of the change, without your having to complete any paperwork whatsoever. After the change is made, you will continue to use the same electronic platform for all your transactions, plus your relationship with the same customer service team will continue uninterrupted.


It is now possible to combine several carriers under one group insurance plan by means of the technology platform we place at your disposal. The platform lets you split your plan benefits among different insurance carriers while using a single transactional site to generate a single invoice.

Our multiple-carrier programs are cost-effective, as they allow companies to pick and choose the insurance carriers offering the best rates for each of the coverages under their group insurance plan.


We have tools that will enable you to offer a flexible (modular) plan to your employees, without making administration cumbersome. Offering a flexible group insurance plan lets you meet the needs of all your employees. And they will be all the more appreciative of the employee benefits you offer!


  • Provide plan members with a larger number of eligible benefits
  • Employee retention
  • Cost-containment-driven concept
  • Flexibility for using allocated amounts

Health care spending account

A health care spending account (HCSA) is a means of giving your employees the coverage they want by using employer-allocated amounts to pay for medical expenses not covered by the group insurance plan. We provide comprehensive administration services.

Covered expenses

  • Health insurance
  • Dental
  • Long term disability
  • Short term disability
  • Health Care Spending Account and Cost Plus
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Life insurance

Tax aspects

Benefits taxable in Quebec only.

Coût Plus for senior management

The Coût Plus program is similar to the health spending account, but it also has additional tax advantages for superior management!

Five distinctive advantages

  • Reimbursement of ALL medical expenses eligible under the Income Tax Act
  • Taxable benefits (in Quebec only)
  • Retention of your key personnel
  • The fees are a tax-deductible business expense
  • No impact on the claim experience for health insurance and dental care


Our group insurance brokers will advise you in the elaboration of your group insurance plan. Depending on your needs, they will offer you different protection combinations including the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Health spending account and Coût Plus program
  • Life insurance
  • Dental care
  • Serious illness insurance

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